Dear Friends and Supporters,

We can't begin to count the success testimonies and lives that has changed from a negative to a positive lifestyle through our efforts. Although we have been effectively striving to better our communities over the last two decades, we know can do more. However, more requires the appropriate funding. That's why we've started our Catch The Vision campaign. We know with the help of strategic partners, we can help to cast the vision of HEVN to a greater audience and be able to do more for our communities with your help. We are requesting for your support to become a monthly financial supporter/ partner with H.E.V.N.

 We are inviting you to become a partner in our “Catch The Vision: Project 1000” campaign.  We are looking to partner up with 1,000 individuals, organizations, clergy leaders, politicians, community leaders, business owners and the community at large.

Our goal is to get 1,000 partners to donate $100 per month.  This tax-deductible donation will go towards the enrichment of the community and to assist H.E.V.N. and our partners in providing assistance and services to the youth, troubled teens, inmates, parolees, mothers in need and families in need, as well as day to day operations.

We have been providing help to the community for more than 20 years. We have helped by addressing gang violence, youth violence, and youth mentoring along with other components with groups like our “Manhood” program at Roosevelt High School and our series of Anger Removal Workshops. We have just recently established our latest endeavor, “Project Restoration: Terrace Avenue” in which we plan to restore Terrace Avenue back to a DRUG free and  CRIME free zone.

Your donations can be pledged in one of three ways. 

1.) Request to be a partner by sending an email to [email protected] and put Catch the Vision Partner in the subject line. 

2.) Fill out one of our Catch The Vision donor cards which are available at all HEVN events, meetings and community forums. You can also download our donor card on our website. 

3.) Simply make your contribution on our website through our secure donation form at  Choose your amount and select between recurring or one-time contribution.

We would like to thank you in advance for your financial support in helping to make our communities a safer place now and forever. CATCH THE VISION TODAY!!! God Bless.