HEVN is a coalition of Faith Based Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, School Districts / Educational Institutions, Government Officials, Businesses, Community Organizations / Agencies, Individuals and Families.

Our goal is to preserve the quality of life for all by preventing the growth and reversing the negative influence of gang and youth violence upon communities.


"A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand"

"A City Divided Against Itself Is Brought To Desolation"

It is our belief that in order to effectively address the issue of gang/youth violence, there must be collaboration among the entire component of the community. Addressing not only the gang/youth violence but holistically addressing the family/community problems that are present in our communities. The gang/youth violence are the symptoms while the core of this issue traces to the problems/needs of the families of our communities which affect the community as a whole. HEVN seeks to address the social and economic issues affecting the families in order to reverse the negative influences within the community.

In order to accomplish this, HEVN is developing community clusters with a Board Of Directors and Community Cluster Partners, representing the components of the community listed above. The Board Members will be persons from the community of the cluster and as well as the partners. To identify the problems, needs, and present resources available to address the problems and network in solving them by meeting the total needs of the community. HEVN COALITION will assist in establishing the necessary assistance in addressing areas of missing gaps and links in the community in areas where services are not available. Without effective uniting, collaboration, and networking to address the concerns of the community, the greater success will not be realized.
HEVN’s Coalition Partners are national, state, local, faith-alliances, government officials, law enforcement agencies, school districts, education departments, corporations / businesses, community-based organizations / agencies and personalities who will provide services in assisting HEVN’s mission, vision / plan of action. The Coalition Partners will work directly with HEVN’s Executive Board, Executive Director and staff. Each partner will provide HEVN a statement of services / resources they are committed to render to the Coalition.

The components of the Community Clusters and Coalition Partners will not lose their own identity, nor their present resources and or funding. HEVN is a mutual vehicle designed to organize the strongest collaboration, and networking that can exist within a community. Only together, united can we make the difference for the good of our communities.

H.E.V.N.’s History

In 1996, the south shore communities of Uniondale and Roosevelt experienced a significant increase in gang activity among Black and Latino youth. Detective Corey Alleyne of the Nassau County Police Department’s Special Investigations Squad, whose assignment was to monitor the activities of criminal stret gangs in Nassau County, brought this matter to the attention of several persons, including Nassau County Legislator Darlene Harris. Ms. Harris coordinated a meeting of numerous community persons to discuss the negative influence of gangs within the Uniondale/Roosevelt communities.

Two of the more than 30 people who attended this meeting were Bishop Mackey of the Tabernacle of Joy Church and Lorraine Dansler of Uniondale Community council Youth project. Through their efforts, Detective Alleyne was able to conduct a series of gang awareness meetings at several churches within the communities of concern.

Realizing that much more was required, Bishop Mackey remained persisitent, thus giving impetus to the formation of H.E.V.N. in 1999.

How we address these issues

1. First we identify the root cause of the issue which is usually financial, socio-economic, mental or emotional factors that need to be addressed.

2. We then refer clients to needed resources through our network of individuals, businesses, organizations and coalition partners

3. Foster and maintain relationships so that clients who receive help through HEVN can continue to help us spread continued awareness and help us to organically grow our network of resources.